Why RSS is indispensable at this hour? (Part I) – Siddharth Acharya

Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Indira Gandhi, Mani Shankar Iyer and lot of politicians in past seven decades of Independence has shown a lot of political and personal will in disrupting and banning the Sangh activities. I wish if this ‘will’ had been exercised to combat the terrorism, corruption, weak foreign policies and many other front-running problems. The hideous motive of ruling government has always been to hide the true facts and putting down this noble social organization. RSS doesn’t believe in conquering power but it is an organization which rather believes in conquering hearts and minds of the people. Somebody who cannot understand the ideas and basic principles of Sangh is way distant from the concept of “Mother-land” and “nation”.  The generosity in the ideology and notion of “Ekatma Manav-vad” is something which today’s youth needs to cherish and imbibe in their thought process. The process of reviving glorification of Indian Culture over the years has been slow since this country was always engaged in the communal tensions inflicted by the ruling political class but finally the time has come where a voter of this country needs to realize in which direction this country is going and vote out the ruling. Sangh’s constant endeavor of bridging the gap between “Bharat” and “India” is really praiseworthy.

There was a time when Indian Industries began following the model of “Trusteeship” and it was Gandhiji’s peculiar contribution to the technique of social change. He called it “the technique of change of heart.” Even JRD Tata adopted the model of trusteeship in this business. The model however was practical or not is a different issue but “Brand Gandhi”  which popularized India after  Independence actually under-estimated a lot of indigenous and exotic core principles and theories. Resultantly, these principles remained underpublicized and never ever got the due credit and respect which they should have received. Few good things which I really appreciate is that we still go gaga over “Chanakya Neeti”  , our writers write about Chanakya’s contribution in planning and management and novels like “Corporate Chanakya” trying to trace the intricacies in arthashastra as in how to implement his rules in today’s corporate world. What we need to do more is to adopt idea of RSS’s methodology of structuring an organization. The organized structure is always fruitful to the entire hierarchy of it. The osmotic pressure of organization increases if the structure is proper and disciplined. The Sangh has a beautiful mechanism of running an organization that is why the process through which their Sarsanghchalaks are elected is absolutely democratic and undisputed. Their underground networking and way of functioning is something which new business start ups should really look up to and learn the ethical principles. The Sarsanghchalak always believes in taking all the masses around him and leads from the front, the way the leader should work. That is the main reason why Sangh has given India such a good statesman like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Advani, Ram Naik, Hem vati Nandan Bahuguna, Late Pramod Mahajan and at last Narendra Modi carrying the legacy forward.

The mechanism of this largest NGO is something really amazing to watch and has played a vital role in serving during three major wars, during partition in refugee camps (a scene aptly depicted in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag how young RSS lads serving in the camps and providing food and doing needful activities), anti-sikh riots, National Emergency, during mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and natural disasters. Their courage and patriotism is something, which deserves an applause from all the sections and religions of the society. I am still surprised how after spreading upto such a large scale they do not have any political ambition and they still believe in only being a man manufacturing machine and ideological adhering unit. The concept of Akhand Bharat may sound a misnomer to a lot of intellectuals but it has a deep significance in having a united and progressive framework which evidently generates optimism among the workers despite of all adversities. Our Corporate Social Responsibility should be derived from the ideas and ethics of the Sangh’s core principles. The Sangh also derives its ideas from Bhagvad Geeta and follows it ardently. The RSS’s attempt to strive for a hindutva has always been understood wrong from its detractors and critics as they do not understand the difference between “Hindutva” and “Hindu ruled society”.

Other than the economic structure there are a lot of fields where we really need to inculcate Sangh’s ideology among today’s youth. The other aspects shall be discussed later at length.

(To be continued)

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