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I am a Muslim from Syria, my family is displaced. I had left Syria eight years back in search of a better life in Western World, leaving my family behind. Today the turmoil in Syria has left many homeless. While I do watch western media, some crying over the refugee crisis, some labeling it as a Trojan Horse strategy by ISIS, while videos of Muslims creating riots and law and order situation in western countries and running over Greece are widely circulated.

I want to ask a simple question. The United Nations, The Rule of Law Convention held in New Delhi (Delhi Declaration) post World War II, perhaps was a step to address the world and prevent future genocide and holocaust.

Like any other individual of western world, I too have faith in democracy, not that I had ever witnessed it first hand in my own country, but civil liberties and compassion for fellow human beings irrespective of their religion, is what makes the western world superior and a better place. Some may argue discrimination they face as non-whites or as muslims in minor affairs of life. Some may argue that muslims are being appeased in some European countries. Some may argue many western politicians especially in Great Britain and United States are being controlled by Saudis royals. Some may argue that increasing muslim population is a great threat to western civilization. Some may argue that ISIS is creation of west some may blame fanatic Islam for their growth. While European Union is unable to resolve the refugee crisis, and each member state is putting a limitation on the number of refugees they are willing give asylum, I want to ask a simple question to the world community and especially United Nations, where will the rest go. Or should the world remain silent while we meet our fate.


I am not sure if tomorrow these refugees will be responsible for anti-west activities, but if the civilized societies fail to address the issue, I am sure you are sowing the seeds of mass destruction. I cannot explain the pain of loss of my family, I am not even aware if they are alive or in which country they are currently, my heart burns and demands a justification. My heart demands an explanation. My heart woes in loneliness. To satiate my heart every day I spend hours looking at different news websites, I spend hours writing them emails, I spend hours contacting different government authorities only to be disappointed at the end. That is where I learnt that there exist an opinion that west is responsible for creation of ISIS, that is where I learnt, Iran is facilitating Hizbollah, that is where I learnt Putin is interfering to help Assad, that is where I learnt, that the world has failed us.


I want to point out to the world community, that the number of Syrian refugees and people killed in Middle east, might be mere numbers for you, but for those who lost their beloved, it was their whole world. It is this loss of the whole world which will further aggravate their hearts, all we can do is wait to watch in which direction their hatred and sorrow flows.

I do not know if tomorrow I will be labeled as a terrorist, I do not know if tomorrow I will become one. All I know I know is I am a civilian just like any other person staying in the world. All I know is I have lost my family, all I know is there is nobody who is ready to take responsibility for our loss. I seek refuge in Almighty. I seek refuge in United Nations to resolve the crisis. I seek refuge and demand an answer, when will this stop. When will the vested interest of powerful start suppressing and playing with the lives of innocents and weak.


We shall live and die, but the stains of our blood shall remain on the world which chose to remain silent, the stains on our blood shall remain on those who are responsible for this crisis. The dust of our bones will still weep, perhaps in vanity, long after we are gone.

I am not sure if I will ever get an audience but if I get I wish to remain anonymous.

May Almighty give you wisdom to seek peace.




(name changed)

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