Walmart for India – Rati Parker

 “Indian Mission to Mars by the end of 2013”…. Is the grandiose declaration of our Coal-tainted PM, on the 65thIndependence Day of our beleaguered, scam ridden country!

India has successfully completed it’s Moon Mission started by Atal Bhiari Vajpayee in 2003, three years ago in 2009, with the startling discovery of the possibility of water on the Moon.Indian PSLVs are being hired by France and Japan to launch their satellites into orbit…. ISRO’s 100th mission was accomplished successfully just a fortnight ago.

 And not the least, India plans to have an Indian on the moon by 2020!


 Cold Chain?…. impossible. We need the Walmarts and Tescos of the world to come and do that for us! Connectivity, supply chain, price discovery for the farmer and consumer, increasing sku’s ….. surely ROCKET Science!  Amul is one such “rocket” company… completely indigenous!

 Am I to understand that that the Walmarts and Tescos are first going to set up power generation capabilities? ( I’m not even talking Coal Blocks here!). How else are they going to fulfill their power requirements in our power deficient country?… or is that a tradeoff for the stupid Aam Aadmi… lesser power… but hey! Walmart!…… The cold chain, ofcourse will work on… love and sunshine?

 The Walmart concept is cheap stuff miles and miles outside the city ( where real estate is dirt cheap)…. In the US the miles are covered within minutes…. Try going any place out of Delhi/ Jaipur/Hyderabad! Maybe Walmart will also “create” roads and clear out the traffic so that u and I can reach their behemoths, in good time ( ofcourse only if we have been able to afford to tank up with fuel!)… Or maybe they are planning to “create” settlements around their huge monstrosities so that we can all move there and shop at Walmart!

 Our Ambani Bhais,

Mittal Bhais and Biyanis are all probably acutely aware of all the pitfalls. What else explains the fact that inspite of DEEEP pockets they will not invest in this sector?… they are busy pouring their billions in Africa, Europe n UK!

As a lay person, as I see it, Bharti will sell out to Walmart (remember Thumbs up?), the Biyanis and Amabnis, to the highest bidder…. It will be years before the firangis discover the exigencies of multiple issues of power shortage, pricy real estate, fragmented holdings, cracking the grip of the politically sponsored middlemen mafia, ( they are not going to roll over and die!) bad roads or NO roads! All good luck to them!

In the meanwhile, the stock markets are jiving, the hedgefunds are thriving… the billionaires on Wall Street rejoicing…… Thank You Hillary, The Economist and Washington Post…..Mannu has finally delivered! (pssst.. my little portfolio is waking up too!)

 I may not be not be an economist, I may not be a strategist, I may not understand the intricacies of business…. But I do have common sense, which sometimes eludes the “buddhijeevies” in our midst.

 You are welcome to scoff at my views…

But will have to work damned hard to prove me wrong!

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