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The power of 1 : Go & Vote

I would like to go beyond the normal appeal that pls go and vote. Because I am sure by now all of us have realized the power of voting.  With elections round the corner and lots of figures and statistics thrown here and there with no veracities, bickering going around, candidates showing their true colors by hoping from one party to another party, media hype, candidates promising heaven and earth with wonderful-to-hear promises. Previously it was all flowery speeches but now it has evolved into heavy mud-slinging also. All this leaves the genuine voter in total confusion.

Candidates: Lord Ram or Raja Harishchandra

Ideally every voter wants the candidate to be like Lord Ram or Raja Harishchandra and not finding one they feel that what is the sense of voting as there are no good candidates? They are in a dilemma that should they vote for existing candidate who is recontesting or a new candidate? There is always a big confusion that should theye vote for the candidate or for  a party? Some say that always vote for the candidate becos a party is formed by its people. It is the party’s responsibility to put field the right candidate. Whilst some say vote for the party regardless of the candidate as finally the party which wins can pull all the strings.

Rhetorics Vs Reality

As voters it is our responsibility to become informed voters and not get swayed by various gimmicks performed  by politicians during their campaigns as well as their media blitzkrieg. Also being rampantly  exposed to lots of reality shows today’s voter has become prudent enough not to get mislead by dialogues, charishma, perceptions and castism but wants a honest, accountable candidate.

Researching to buy best mobile phone Vs voting for bestest candidate

Now pls do not give an excuse that well we do not have first hand info of the candidate in our constituency as he is a new candidate. If not then  go and find it/dig it. I am sure we all do lots of research, put in lots of time when we want  to buy a mobile phone, lap-top. So why not for the candidate who is going to be responsible for our growth and our country’s future. In fact now thanks to internet we can find out lots of details online. Also if the candidate is recontesting then all the more it becomes easier for you to find out about the candidate in practicality and not depending on hearsay or all figures and statistics thrown at you without any concrete proof.

My vote for the bestest

Being an entrepreneur when we want to start a business we do SWOT analysis of that business we want to venture in. We also do SWOT analysis of ourselves that is this business suitable for us .  So here let me use the same technique to put up a very simple formula about how to judge a candidate/party and vote judiciously for the brighter future of all stake holders.

Candidate’s  Candidate A   Party Name Candidate B

 Party Name

Candidate C

Party Name

Strengths: + (plus) 1 to 10 marking

  • Honest
  • Accountable
  • Implementor
  • Out-of-box, innovative thinking skills

Weakness: -(minus) 1 to 10 marking

  • Reactive rather than pro-active
  • Self Centered
  • Corrupt Practices
  • Tendency of changing parties

Attitude: + (plus) 1 to 10 marking

  • Positive
  • Persistence

Threats: -(minus) 1 to 10 marking

  • Have criminal cases/record
  • Delivered what was promised/ Can he deliver what is being promised

Political Party’s

Strengths : + (plus) 1 to 10 marking

  • Philosophy and values
  • Visionary capable leadership
  • Enough resources to fulfill its commitments
  • Have Innovative solutions for problems

Weakness: -(minus) 1 to 10 marking

  • Internal Disputes
  •  Lack of Succession planning
  • Corrupt Practices
  • Lack of Transparency

Opportunity: + (plus) 1 to 10 marking

  • Growth of political base
  • Party stand on key political issues

Threats: -(minus) 1 to 10 marking

  • Lack of Manifesto Implementation
  • Gaps in capabilities and commitments

Select your Priority Issue:

  • Education/Health Care/Jobs/


Can the candidate deliver/has delivered on your priority issue in your constituency + (plus) 1 to 10 marking

Total Marks


Votes do not have *conditions apply* tag

When you vote for a candidate, you thereby endorse both the candidate and the policies and his party. You can’t put an asterisk next to your vote pointing that you dislike both the candidate and the policies, and that your vote was only to prevent a worse candidate from winning. So if you think that none of the candidates are deserving. Then use the “none of the above” option available.


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