Shinde’s lie helps jihadists – Ravi Shanker Kapoor

Screen Shot 2012-10-12 at 3.23.55 PMThe new Bharatiya Janata Party president, Rajnath Singh, should be lauded for daring Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde to ban his party along with the RSS if the two organizations are involved in terrorist activities.

At a recent Congress meeting in Jaipur, Shinde had said, “We have got an investigation report that be it the RSS or BJP, their training camps are promoting Hindu terrorism. We are keeping a strict vigil on all this.”

I’ll use the reductio ad absurdum form of argumentation to prove that Shinde was lying. Reductio ad absurdum, which means ‘reduction to absurdity’ in Latin, is a form of argumentation often used in mathematics and philosophy. The assertion is proved by showing that the opposite of the assertion leads to an absurdity or impossibility.

Let us assume that Shinde is speaking the truth and the saffron bodies are indeed involved in terror activities. The minister should have shown evidence to substantiate his statement. The fact, however, is that even though he made the comment over a week ago, he neither backed his allegation with any evidence while making the statement nor has he done the same since he uttered those words.

Further, the natural corollary of the monumental revelation would have been a massive drive against both the BJP and the RSS. Singh said exactly this in an interview to PTI, “If, as Home Minister, you think that the RSS and BJP are churning out terrorists, then we have also attended such training camps. Are we also terrorists? Do you consider us terrorists? Then put us also in jail.”

There has been neither any action against the BJP and the RSS nor any evidence against has been made public. Shinde and his party can argue that there is evidence but it would not be proper to disclose it at this point of time. But it gives rise to the more disturbing question: if you have evidence but it is not firm enough to convict the guilty, why do you make it public? I don’t’ recall a single instance in which a law-enforcement or prosecuting agency revealed the name of an accused in a heinous crime but did not detain him.

In fact, publicly naming an accused and not apprehending him is tantamount to sending a warning signal, thus giving him ample time and opportunity to safeguard himself. After all, when prosecuting agencies resist a bail their standard argument is that the accused would be in a position to obliterate the evidence or influence witnesses, especially if he is powerful.

Now, the BJP is the country’s second largest party which headed the national government for six years. It is in power in a large number of major states. It is surely big and strong enough to influence the case against it, if there is any.

In short, an acceptance of Shinde’s statement as true leads to absurdities and incongruities. Hence, his statement is false. And it is not just a falsehood but a lie, for the man whose hostility to the BJP-RSS is indubitable and who occupies the office of Union Home Minister would surely have highlighted any evidence had he had any; and since he does not have any, he knows that his comment is untrue. A man who knowingly utters a falsehood is a liar. QED.

In fact, he was not just lying but also weakening the fight against terror. Shinde’s remark acted as a shot in the arm of the 26/11 mastermind and Lashkar-e-Taiyaba founder Hafiz Saeed. Feeling vindicated, he went on to accuse that Indian organizations were “involved in all kinds of terrorism in Pakistan.”

The international terrorist, on whose head the US has announced $10 million, thundered at a press conference in Lahore, “India tried to involve us in the Mumbai attacks but after a passage of five years, nothing has been established against us in the courts.” Of course, he did not add that nothing can be established in the courts of a jihadist nation.

The RSS rightly said that Shinde’s comments have made him “a darling of terrorists.” By the way, he is also a favorite of Congress president Sonia Gandhi (he once said that he would shoot to kill if she ordered him to) and other champions of secularism such as Digvijay Singh and Mani Shankar Aiyar.

The point to be pondered over is: what happened to the fight against real terror threats—jihadists and Maoists? The so-called “Hindu terrorism” is just an accusation; nothing has been proved so far. And even if Swami Aseemanand, Sadhvi Pragya, etc., were to be proved terrorists in the court of law, it would still be isolated cases, without any pattern or support from the mainstream Hindu organizations or Hindu society. But in the case of jihadist terror, the support is widespread.

At any rate, there is no match between the magnitudes of Muslim terror and the reported incidents of Hindu terror. But Shinde’s comment has camouflaged the issue of jihadist terror with the ruse of moral equivalence. The smoke-and-mirrors domain of public discourse just got more vitiated.

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  1. Ravi, well I get your point.
    But why RSS and BJP don’t take Shinde to court? Defamation is still a serious offence under Indian laws.

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