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India is a country famous for unity in diversity, democracy, many leaders, intellectuals and rulers designed India in such a way that it became inspiration for many nations. We are the first to invent zero, we are the first to make the world to know about civilization and we inspired many nations to acquire national integration. We used to sell gold and other ornaments in the streets. We are the architects of great historical monuments. This is all about the ancient India but India is not having its charm and charisma now. Politics became an aid to earn black money; it completely ate the reputation of the country.

Let us have a view on Indian politics today,

Politics is the art of science of ruling governmental or state affairs. It is meant for service to the people who are residing in the state that is being ruled. Politics is meant for providing each and every individual the basic needs such as Food, Medicine, law and order, Education and Housing etc. Doing service to the people who are unable to arrange their basic amenities is the main aim of politics. Indian politics follows Democracy. Democracy is based on the principle of electing the ruler according to the people’s wish. Now, this democracy has become worst in India in terms of politics. When India got independence we have great leaders who sacrificed everything for the country.

In the words of Our Father of the Nation:

I hate seeing my face grinning away on paper money when millions of my people are poor, malnutritioned, exploited.

He exhibited the pain about the people suffering from various problems. He mentioned his thoughts about poor people and minimum attributes a person should deserve. Forget about the industrialization and all other stuff for some time and concentrate on the basic amenities. Is every citizen residing in the country satisfied? Is every citizen in the country having food? Is every citizen having an own home? The answer to these questions is unique “NO”. Can’t we concentrate on these basic issues? Instead of wasting millions on the toilets in an office why can’t we invest on cleaning a slum where our future generations are getting diseases?

If a politician or a leader works for a country it is his duty to satisfy every citizen of that country. Are the leaders interacting with the people directly? Does any politician know what their people really need? What are the things they are discussing in Parliament? Is the opposition playing a key role in showing the inefficiency of the ruling party? Are they justifying the role they are elected for?  Answer is very easy to guess it is a “NO”. If there are several problems in the country how can you say a leader is efficient? Every Indian posts these questions why because politicians are working without integrity.

We always invite youth to enter politics at the same time we are comparing the politics to a rotten drainage. If your body gets a disorder we will provide medical aid to it. If a River gets sewage we will take some measures to clean it. Then why can’t we make repairs to a system which is rotten. If every citizen takes an active part in making repairs to this system by finding its loop holes we can fix it soon. Some of the folks entered into the politics are very honest but still they were unable to fix the bugs in the system why because they will not receive co-operation from others. For example let us consider an issue of bringing the black money back to the country, how many of the politicians will support the bill?

Our constitution provided reservation for the minorities in Jobs, Study, etc. This is a good move to improve the minority people. Then what about the people who are poor being an OC? Now, the parliament is discussing on Reservation in job promotions. They are provided with reservations in Study as well as jobs then what is the necessity of creating a reservation again in job promotions? I am not against to any reservations but discussing on this issue is a waste of time why because if a person is employed his family will be settled. The persons pursuing the jobs can utilize their salary then what is the need of doping the reservation system into the job promotion procedure? The opposition is raising an issue of coal mines which is an admirable job. Instead of discussing the problems of the people leaders are simply wrecking the chairs and mikes. The silly thing is they are not discussing a single burning problem.

 “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls; Where words come out from the depth of truth; Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection; Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit; Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action-Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

–          Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali

Unfortunately country is not having a single quality when we compared it to this context. We are fighting for separate states also. Let us have a look on Telangana issue; there are many leaders who are from Telangana region but no one among them brought development to that area, whoever the person may be from late Mr.Marri Chenna Reddy former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to Mrs.Sabitha Indra Reddy present home minister of Andhra Pradesh but there is no development in Telangana region. When every citizen is satisfied in terms of growth and development there we can’t even expect an agitation. Instead of developing that region politicians made it a critical issue today. This is how politicians are showing their integrity.

A cop was thrashed for stopping a minister’s convoy, for doing his duty that petty officer was beaten by some of the supporters of that minister. Is this the way we treat a person who serve the public? A cartoonist has been arrested for doing his job. This shows the position of freedom of speech in India. It is ridiculous to say that we are happy with what we are having and we are developed very much. We have to consider the basic needs before expressing the growth and development. A country’s development depends on the satisfaction of a citizen with his basic amenities without that we can’t say that we are developed.

The hikes on petro chemical prices are a big bane to the common man’s life. If we got all the black money back there will not be any hikes or extra taxes. If the taxes are axed down the citizens life will be satisfactory, if the taxes are axed down it will be loss for treasury, if the black money is back the treasury will be full and taxes can be axed down and a common man can lead a happy life but our politicians will not allow system to bring the black money back. Hence economy definitely faces crisis and shows a huge impact on country’s wealth.

If politicians work with integrity then the system will be pleasant, obviously common citizen will be satisfied that results a national integration. This is what a common citizen desires. Think about the nation and the people there will be the growth and development obviously.

Then we can proudly say,

“Yes, we achieved his dreams. Today the father of the nation will be happy.”

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