AAP-The New Kid on the Block, another rat in the rat race – Pankaj Bhatiya

John Kenneth Galbraith was absolutely right when he said “Nothing is so admirable in politics as a short memory”. It is only because of this admirable quality of politics that people who supported AAP in its crusade against Congress party and its culture of corruption are now OK to take support from the very same party to form a government in Delhi. Isn’t it another example of compromising your core principles and values to come to power? Isn’t it yet another classic example of political opportunism by AAP leaders? Come on you cannot fool people by simply putting the ball in Janata’s court by saying that Janata asked you to form the government with Congress’s support. Decision on such important national issues by bunch of people gathered at some chauraha or nukkad of a city cannot be termed as majority’s decision.

Talking big and righteous from outside to impress people is the easiest thing to do. The real test begins when you come to power. 24X7 live show of AAP Nautanki on news channels proves that these guys were not expecting to come to power ever so easily. They are actually staggered and seem to have no clue what to do and how to do. Whether it is overnight U turn by Kejriwal on posh 200 Cr bungalow in premium Delhi location, unnecessary cheap publicity of him taking metro to Vidhan Sabha for oath taking ceremony or calling off his much ado about nothing Janta Darbars, all these incidents prove only one thing that these guys are immature and inexperienced. I am sure that even people of Delhi who voted for AAP had never expected them to come to power and are now getting frustrated with daily nautanki.

Kejriwal promised that all corrupt leaders of both Congress & BJP will be sent to jail within a month of coming to power. Now with Congress supporting the AAP government can the honourable CM of Delhi really dare to send even a single Congress leader to jail! And there is no question of sending any BJP leader to jail for corruption charges as they were not in power from last 15 years. So don’t worry nobody is going to jail and we will see these so called corrupt Congress MLAs sitting next to so called most honest AAP leaders in Delhi Vidhan Sabha but only God or Sonia Gandhi knows how long! Now with latest statement by the learned Mani Shankar Aiyar that Congress welcome any assistance in stopping Hitler (Modi), there is no doubt that AAP is nothing but an extension of Congress to keep Modi out.

On the populist but not realistic tall promises of free water and cheaper electricity also AAP has cheated people of Delhi after coming to power. Kejriwal promised to reduce the alleged corruption in both the departments to fund the benefits to AAM AADMI but see what he has done, it is the same cheap accounting and subsidy based reduction which can play havoc with country’s finances in long run. And now AAP eying the next national elections just imagine how FIIs and the serious global investors will look at it. At this juncture country cannot afford the rise of another populist communist ideology based political outfit at national level. Just imagine the state of country’s economy if these cheap populist economic measures of AAP are extended to other states as well.

Another potentially devastating policy of AAP is to have 90% reservation for Delhiites in Delhi colleges. Is this move any different from the similar populist measures based on region & caste as propagated by MNS in Maharashtra and other political outfits in other states? On one hand AAP is trying to become a serious national political party and on other they are limiting themselves to such regional rhetoric. With AAP starting to compete with other political parties in freebies and reservations it is becoming just another rat in the rat race.

AAP should learn from the mistakes of leaders like VP Singh, Devi Lal, Morarji Desai, Mamta Benerjee and many more who swept to power either by anti-corruption movements or unrealistic populist promises to the people. Sooner they learn and correct themselves better for them.

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