A House of old contraptions – Srinivas Kanchi

For any system it is important to amend new changes with time as we want to upgrade it to the next level. The upgrading involves in several issues, each and every contraption involved in that system should be changed or manipulated to get a better outcome. Let us see the relationship between the current Indian politics and the lines above. We are using the same old system from the day one of independence till date. Even though some metamorphosis was done to our constitution they targeted only some communities of our country. What makes our country run along with the technology? Which is the better option in this instance of time to satisfy the people with a good leadership?

Democracy gives people a choice to vote their leader; this also provides a great option for the people to shift the ruling ability from one person to other. The shift in the ruling power endows people to select a better ruling option. When all the people who involved in ruling a country are same in behaviour, there will be a need to change the rulers. The motto of the rulers to use a country for their needs should be changed. Ruler is a guy who has a responsibility to serve his country rather than enjoying the benefits that come with power. Prime minister is not elected for enjoying the air conditioned rooms or luxurious cars. He is elected to serve the people whose skin is exposed to sun light and sun burns. In India the involvement of politics became “eating money and saving it in foreign banks”. This situation can’t be entertained anymore.

The person employed in public sector or a private sector will stop his duties if he turns old and we literally call this system as “Retirement”. Same rules should be passed in terms of politics. It will be insane if I uttered this retirement scheme for politicians but I have a proper reason behind this argument. If we thought that experience gives a better idea of working, why are we stopping an employee to continue his work in his office? Whether it is an office or a government system of administration is same. Then why can’t we suggest the shift of power to the younger generations? Generally, every man thinks that a young guy will have less administrative experience in ruling a country but from the time of kings this shift has been amended. Suppose if we considered the Indian history, we can notice many reigns where the shift of power was done from an old king to his heir. This is because of the inefficiency of old king to rule country because of his old age. Ashoka, Chandragupta Mourya and many more rulers including Akbar are given the power to rule and India experienced a golden era.

Coming back to point, we can’t say that Akbar will be born again or Ashoka will be born again but we can assure a great change in country. According to this version, a person with or with not possess the ruling power should leave his political career if he turns old. We are not saying that the person who turns old is useless. Instead of ruling these guys can help the younger generations with their valuable suggestions. Every country needs a dynamic leadership by which there will be a glorious change. If this process is amended a person will work more honestly because he gets the ruling power once or twice in his life time. There is a scope of increase in Injustice too but we have an option for this conflict too. Most experienced parliamentarians will be elected as President. By enhancing the power of President we can bring some improvement in ruling. If a Prime minister is ruling a country in wrong way then the ruling will be controlled by President by which there is a chance of decreasing Injustice. Instead of making some old persons stick to the ruling chair, we can bring some honest people into that chair by which we can enhance the administration of country. Most ridiculous thing is that none of the fourteen prime ministers of India is young from Jawaharlal Nehru to Manmohan Singh. The most heard words from the politicians in India are “Youth should enter politics and serve country for a better society”. These words are just like letters wrote in sand on a beach if any guy enters the politics same people will say that “Politics is just sewage you should not enter it”.

If these types of conversations are been entertained, how can we change the situation of our country? If our younger generation doesn’t come into politics, who will serve our country? There should be a change in thought “Politics is not a sewage, it is a devotion of god by serving people.”


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