A Dialogue with Shaina NC

Shaina NC

Mukul Lather: The order banning dance bars was struck down by Bombay High Court, now High Court’s order has been upheld by the Supreme Court, What is the BJP’S stand on Dance Bars and the subsequent legal battle which took place to ban them.

Shaina NC: First and foremost the BJP is firm that dance bars are not the need of the hour, the fact that so many people who visited dance bars and spent money of  the family, give misery to the family, give misery to the wife’s of people visiting to the dance bars, the associated rackets with dance bars, prostitution, racketing, drug use, it is not something which the BJP supports and the BJP clearly feels that the Government should file a review petition.

Mukul lather: Recently BJP protested against potholes on roads by planting saplings in them in Ghatkopar and Andheri. This seems to have created some friction between BJP and Shiv Sena.

Shaina NC: No, the facts that the roads which are maintained by the MMRDA come under the state government that is completely independent of BMC rum roads and the fact that potholes are nightmare for every Mumbaikar this is an issue which legitimate serious opposition needs to take on and that’s exactly what we did, as there is an sense of accountability which is required which clearly has not been seen.

Mukul lather: How challenging is the maintenance of BJP -Shiv Sena alliance after 15 years.

Shiv Sena: It’s not challenging as the ideology is the same, when we talk about Hindutva, we talk about justice to all and appeasement to none and the point of the matter is that in a society such as ours we constantly  play vote bank politics there can never be progress of the state and our talk is only on development.

Mukul Lather: Elections are coming in four states Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, in the run up to 2014 elections what is their importance and what is BJP’s strategy to win these states?

Shaina NC: See I am clear that we will come back to power in Rajasthan for sure because people are very unhappy about Ashok Gehlot’s incompetent style of functioning. As far as Delhi goes that anti- incumbency, when it comes to security and safety of women, Sheila Dixit’s style of functioning hasn’t been able to assert a law and order situation  which is successful, Chhattisgarh public distribution system, our PDS policy have done very well, so i think we will come back there too. Madhya Pradesh, I think Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan has been a great example of humility and governance and I don’t think there is any question mark there.

Panini Somayaji: Coming to Chhattisgarh after the sad demise of Congress giant Ved Chandra Shukla, do you think BJP will strengthen again.

Shaina NC: BJP is strong in any case and if you read the NIA report, the NIA report basically says that it was the Congress’s own people who killed their own leader. So you can’t hold the BJP responsible for the Maoist attack

Panini Somayaji: Is Gujarat Model of development applicable to Maharashtra?

Shaina NC: It’s something that Maharashtra should learn from that how they made it an agricultural state, people keep saying that Gujarat already had it, nonsense Gujarat didn’t have anything, look at the roads today, look at the education, look at the women’s empowerment, look at the broadband connectivity, look at the ladli lakshmi yojna, every single village has light today, every single village has water today, the river binding program, there are so many things he has done which are out of the box.

Mukul lather: You are a fashion designer and a BJP activist, has your political career been a plus or a minus for fashion career.

Shaina NC: I don’t know how to answer this as I have been in the fashion industry for 22 years and I have been in politics for 10 years. For people to take me seriously in politics, fashion has been a problem, because they always think that this is a dumb bimbo from the fashion industry, for the fashion industry, I think its a sense of pride that i am the only designer who is into public life in politics. But I will only say that Fashion is my profession that’s kept me honest, politics is my passion that has kept me motivated.

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