A Dialogue with Nana Chudasama

Nana Chudasama is an eminent jurist and a former mayor and Sheriff of Mumbai. He is the founder of the NGO Giants International which has over 500 branches in India and branches across the world including the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Mauritius and Ukraine. Giants undertakes projects which have an impact on society, such as family welfare, disaster management, education, environment and so on.


Mukul: Sir, speaking about Giants International, it has over 500 branches in India and abroad. What made you start the organization and Why?

Nana: There are various organizations like Lions, Rotary, etc., so we thought lets start our own. We started from Bombay and our old office is at Chowpaty. The response is very good so we have started it abroad too.

Mukul: What is the Objective of this organization?

Nana: To serve the people. We help the people. Now in Uttarakhand and in various calamities affected areas we are sending a team to help.

Panini: Do you find people in need?

Nana: We do not find people. We have projects like ‘A girl child’, because in this country the proportion is going down. Everybody wants a son. No one needs a girl. they are very cruel.

Mukul: You were also the president for a forum against drugs and aids. How successful has narcotics been in controlling the drugs?

Nana: Not narcotics, but I can tell you, that our efforts have made one thing good, that the use of drugs has reduced. Now there is hardly any AIDS patient. We are running a centre here. We used to get a lot of patients who are suffering from aids now we hardly have any thing. May be two or three. We examine people, and if they are suffering from AIDS or if they are drug addicts, we do the counseling. We also give medication free of charge, that will help. Its like rehabilitation center.

Panini: where does the fund come from?

Nana: Generally, people support us, like Banks, corporate sectors.

Mukul: Sir, your banner above Pizza by the bay, has time and again created controversy. Like in the case of M.F. Hussain’s return, a banner was put up, Let wisdom dawn, lets welcome our nation’s pride, M.F. Hussain. What is your Idea behind it?

Nana: I put banners on my own wish, and I do not worry about others. People objected to that Hussain’s banner. They came and tore it, so I re-put it. Do you know, right now also I have put a banner up on Uttarakhand topic.

Panini: So is the banner not the Ideology of Pizza by the bay?

Nana: No, It is not. I have been running it for forty years. Its just a coincidence. It was a misconception and they get the credit.

Mukul: Sir, transportation is the major problem in this city. Since 1950 till now, how did it evolve?

Nana: Its amazing, the transportation system is not the best, but it works, and according to me BEST service is the most efficient. I do not think we should worry about it.

Mukul: What about Railways? Issues have been raised about health of railway bridges, what do you say? What is the future of transport system in Mumbai?

Nana: Railways also. Indian railways are doing an excellent work, in transporting passengers. I am not speaking about local, but also national. Frankly, I do not know.  The future is bright, now Metro is coming.

Mukul: Sir, you are the chairmen of National Kidney foundation. Have the organ donation increased after the demise of Vilasrao Deshmukh’s demise because of Kidney failure?

Nana: No, it was always allowed, but, now we got a special law by which we can specially donate with the permission of the authority. So, National Kidney Foundation is doing well. We have lot of awareness camps. Most of the people are ignorant about kidney. They do not know what is kidney. What are the diseases that kidney attract. Kidney is very important part of human body. We do not promote organ donation. We promote awareness about the kidneys. These camps are held at all over Mumbai. awareness can create donor friendly environment. We have certain groups working for eye donation. That is also a great job.

Mukul: What is your opinion about dance bars. Are they good or bad?

Nana: According to me, I do not think we should object. Its an individual choice. Thats what supreme court has said. They are enjoyable.


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